Agent Failure

Album: Yellow Top Corner Stop (2010)

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Song: (NEW SONG MINUS VOCALS)Thin line between hell and here.

Bitrate: 320kbps

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Two pissed off dudes from Delco,being Pissed at their surroundings But the hate filled songs still exist and are just as angry today than they were then. Expect new material in the coming weeks,and hopefully an EP by the end of May. Kevin Elliot along with some others will be helping with the new material along the way.
I also added the Barbaric Cauldron song,and a bunch of Skeleton Proof Tanks tracks.
All Of The Following Played on these tunes:
Agent Failure:
Mark Devito-Guitar,Bass,Drum Machine

Skeleton Proof Tanks:
Marty Shea-Bass/Keys
Steve Nowakoski-Guitar
Matt Weist-Guitar
Josh Soltroff-Drums
Mark Devito-Noise

Barbaric Cauldron:
Joe Buccuto-Guitar,Bass,Drum Programing